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shooting with cam and eva

[slideshow]Last night I pulled in 2 full racks of clothes to shoot for kucoon's online store fw12...thinking it would take about 2 hours to shoot. Not sure what I was on when I  came that conclusion but it took 5 hours. Our photographer, Cameron Jorden was on top of her game. She came prepared with back up aka extra cards, water, and a positive mind frame. Eva (our model) and kucoon's drill sergeant was keeping stamina as if she was running the marathon at Kona. After the shoot ended successfully, none of us missing any body parts, or bruised egos...

malibu shoot (slideshow)


Malibu Shoot 1.19.11


[caption id="attachment_157" align="aligncenter" width="259" caption="ashley in kucoon lilly skirt"][/caption]

I have been hesitant to do a shoot, it can be a gamble. Either the model is not the size she said she was, or someone doesn't show at the last minute, the photographer doesn't like the images so decides not to share them .... the list goes on.


Although,  I have had luck recently and this is one example of a shoot in which all the elements were in place for a perfect day. The models, Ashley and...

Peaceful Warrior kucoon ss10 line


photos by daniel jung

model sarah brewer

hair and make up andrea whitten

video by eric wolfson

Shoot with Vikram Pathak


photos by vikram

model Heather Burton

stylist Devon Monty (w. KUCOON designs)

set design madera design

make up sheila b. , hair candice birns