Malibu Shoot 1.19.11


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I have been hesitant to do a shoot, it can be a gamble. Either the model is not the size she said she was, or someone doesn't show at the last minute, the photographer doesn't like the images so decides not to share them .... the list goes on.


Although,  I have had luck recently and this is one example of a shoot in which all the elements were in place for a perfect day. The models, Ashley and Brianna were beautiful and professional. The make up by Sally Guillen was soft and sensual, while hair done by Ashley Jackson complimented the girls wonderfully and fit the bohemian theme we were going for.

Davee and I had a wonderful chemistry together styling the girls using vintage pieces, feathered head pieces by kama designs, jewelry designs by love down,sheila b., jacqueline rose, as well as kucoon designs for clothing. Thankfully the photographer Terry Fajack captured all this magic and had a talent for choosing the most fitting background with the outfits Davee and I put together.

Our location took place on 20 acres of incredible land in Malibu. The green rolling hills went for miles and above the hills, an ocean view. We had the company of a couple guys that lived in the Yurts on this land. They were very hospitable offering us tecate and lots of positive feedback, they were sad to see us go as the sun went down.

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