About Us

Kucoon Designs is a small batch clothing line that caters towards a woman who craves a piece that flows with her day. Kucoon started as a cathartic passion project by designer Andrea Spratt, while she taught High School in South Central, LA. She got her recognition by making costumes for a circus-troupe called Clandestino. From there her popularity grew in a cult following which eventually led to her being able to leave her day job and pursue her passion project full-time. With the support of an incredible community of friends Kucoon Designs was borne out of a small one bedroom in Santa Monica circa 2007 and continues to grow. 

The idea behind Kucoon Designs is simply to create clothes that feel good and look good on you, making it easy to feel both comfortable and confident. Kucoon is anti-trend, taking a path that is not driven by what is popular but what feels right. Designer, Andrea Spratt does not waist her time trying to keep up with fads, rather she follows her experiments and instincts in the design process. Taking the ordinary and turning it into extraordinary, a beautiful metamorphosis. Kucoon continues to expand finding a necessary niche in women's fashion.

Designer Andrea Spratt is a mother, wife, nature lover, and explorer; who is constantly reaching for peace of mind in the chaos of life through hugs and self expression.