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Playa Sale @ kucoon studios 8/18/11

Date: August 18th Thursday

Location: glassell park (2711 west Ave 34) Los Angeles ca 90065



Peaceful Warrior kucoon ss10 line


photos by daniel jung

model sarah brewer

hair and make up andrea whitten

video by eric wolfson

garden shoot with Ben Cope 3/17/08

Ben Cope was taking pictures of my clothes from the beginning starting in 2004. The time line of my progression as a designer has so much to do with the photographers who documented it. I remember who, where, and what I was doing on each one of the days I did a shoot with Ben Cope, Allan Amato, Nathan, Vikram, Siouxzen. Thank you all so much for being apart of my journey.  Below was a shoot for my catalog done by bencope.net with box eight , model Sarah Brewer, hair Candice Birns.  She is wearing  top (sheena shirt, with sara...

the joey pant (kucoon)


introducing the JOEY PANT

model jill

photographer ben cope

hair and make up andrea whitten