Kucoon Designs — Fashion Show

Coach Art Fashion Show


photos by Curious Josh

presenting KUCOON designs, performance Suze Q, hair CandiceBirns.com, make up AndreaWhitten.com

held at the african american museum near USC (downtown LA)

This event is being organized by COACHART, a foundation helping children with a terminal illnesses to  find coaches willing to help them with a craft or skill they hope to learn more about.

Basura Fashion Show fall 09


slideshow photos by allan amato

models sandra, vero, renee, minx, sarah, aalex, allan a.

Fashion Show with KUCOON and KAMA

come see a KUCOON and KAMA fashion show at the standard downtown...Saturday May 3rd with Family Affair at 6:30pm for sunset on the rooftop. Come early there a very limited amount of people that are allowed up..first ones there get to have a taste of the new treats that are in store for the summer line 08 KUCOON. Come early and bring your bathing suits and thong for the pool!
family affair, kucoon. los angeles, fashion show