been awhile lightning in a bottle was amazing... even though I was stuck in my booth during the daylight i still enjoyed every second of it. I tried my best to make the most of the nights even though I was running on empty by the end of the day. Working a month LIB on very little sleep I was totally energized by friends who are very much considered family. There smiles, dance, touch, beets, warmth, and fine asses kept me alive at night. I was really reminded how the positive mind frame of a group can keep even the darkest storm clouds away. It was brilliant. So now I am off preparing for my next trunk sale in NYC...being set up by my little sis. She is on it and puttin the word out that KUCOON is heading east.
check out deets below:

Clothes, Jewelry, and Chocolate…OH MY!
Come join KUCOON, Xocai Chocolate, and Jewelry by Carla Muniz
Backstage at the Marriot Marquis
4:45-6:45 pm
(Stage door on 45th right off 7th Av)
we take cash and checks
Please feel free to bring your NON Broadway friends along for the fashion feast

KUCOON photographed by siouxzenphoto by siouxzen (kucoon designs)KUCOON designs by Andrea Spratt/ jewelry by Sheila B. with KUCOON

KUCOON designs (based out of Los Angeles)- is bringing for you her unique style which include designs for the urban chic. Women who like to stand out yet still remain comfortable. For more of KUCOON check out
*Xocio Chocolate: the healthy chocolate! Cold Processed Belgian cocoa powder, acai berry, and blueberry. It has high levels of antioxidants, and is low carb/fat. NO caffeine, preservatives, fillers, waxes, processed sugar or trans fats!!!! Its diabetic friendly, high in fiber, and increases energy. For more info Come sample and purchase!

*Carla Muniz will be showing her father’s jewelry. One of a kind, hand crafted pieces including pendants,necklaces and belt buckles for men and women.

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  • jolene gets her earrings from sheila b. and I sell some of her earrings and necklaces on my

  • hello sorry new years resolution I should check this more often
    I will have stock of earrings online in the next week for you to order
    go to store on top of page and accessories, they will be up next weekend
    the jewelry designer is Sheila B.
    thank you

    • KUCOON