Missy wearing KUCOON couture

My little sister, Allison Spratt aka Missy, has made it to broadway, yet again with CRY BABY the musical.

When we were little, and lived in a one story house in Oklahoma next to the pig farm, I used to drag her by her bunny suit all over the house, (she loved it). I would look down at her big smile and electric hair and go for another round about the house until she got tired of it. Now I am dressing her up to walk on the red carpet, and I think she might like it as much as being dragged around on the floor. My sister, as well as the rest of my family has been timidly excited about me creating a totally different life for myself as a designer.

Just today the reality of how different my life is today versus two years ago... hit me as.....I walked up to the court today to plead NOT GUILTY for running through flair lights. As I approached the line I saw a young kid staring at me. Looking at me through the brim of his baseball cap he said "hey miss spratt", it took me about 3 seconds before I remembered he was a student of mine from four years ago, at Fremont High School in South Central LA. His name was George, he never did any work, came stoned to first period everyday and always wanted to help out in anyway possible. He loved my class and asked as many questions as he could fit in in the hour, but when it was time to do work he drew clown faces on his worksheets. Some kids you never forget and I guess in his case there are some teachers you never forget.

So here I am now designing clothes and making people beautiful... its just as fulfilling and I am not missing cafeteria food at all. But I do miss my kids, even though they drove me crazy, I miss em.

allison spratt on cry baby the musical red carpet wearing KUCOON coutureallison spratt on cry baby the musical red carpet wearing KUCOON coutureallison at red carpet for musical Cry Baby in NYC wearing blue dress by KUCOON couture

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