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Playa Sale @ kucoon studios 8/18/11

Date: August 18th Thursday

Location: glassell park (2711 west Ave 34) Los Angeles ca 90065



Merwin Mansion Trunk Sale 7/31

[caption id="attachment_453" align="aligncenter" width="595" caption="Kama KUCOON LiZ Kuulie designs"][/caption]

KUCOON @ Gather Store in silverlake

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dwelling at the gather store in silverlake with some magical ladies that spin webs in the most amazing ways- creating beautiful things not only for your wardrobe but for you daily life. Reminding us that art and beauty can be displayed everywhere through many different avenues. You should defiantly visit Katie Kay, owner and creator of Gather, Cat and Allysun of (kittinhawk couture) as well as Amy of (dust jewelry). There are many designers showing at Gather, kucoon being one of them.... so check it out![gallery]

kucoon @ stanton james

just sold - it looks good for guys too!


summer lovin shoot


photography (sequoia and daniel) hair (haley) make up (kirin and gabby) models (jill, alexandra, vanessa, emily, mark, rob) set design (sheila, beesh) production aka puttin the smack down (eva) entertainment (jimothy, anthony, doddy) video (eric) designs by KUCOON as well as chistylez leather belts and purses, sheila b. jewelry, kama feathered head pieces